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InLogis Professional Cellular Solutions

Professional Cellular Booster Solutions

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Our custom-designed professional cellular booster solutions vastly improve 5G cell phone reception for any large home, hotel, hospital, warehouse, or apartment building. There is seldom an RF reception ‘black hole’ that we cannot address and enhance with a cellular signal where there was little or none.

Why does your building have poor service in an area that cell service providers typically provide excellent service in?

Besides shrubbery or trees that may block some of the incoming signal, many of the reasons for poor reception lie within the actual construction of the building itself. Components used in the design of our eco-friendly (Green / LEED-certified) facilities can be anything but friendly toward cellular signals. Tinted windows, aluminum foil-backed insulation and metal-backed roofing are signal killers, making it virtually impossible to get one bar of service indoors in a structure that has five bars of service in the parking lot.

We specialize in commercial applications of cellular signal boosting in spaces of 5,000 sq ft all the way up to 700,000 sq ft. From fire houses to office blocks, covered parking lots to entire hospitals; if you have even minimal cellular service outside, we can guarantee you great coverage inside.

InLogis provides turnkey indoor cellular professional cellular booster solutions for low voltage A/V and Security Integrators. You don’t need to be an “RF Engineer”, take a course, be “certified”, have an FCC license or spend thousands of dollars for RF test equipment and special software. If you can install coax cable and read blue prints we can help you capitalize on this lucrative market.

Using the latest cutting edge software, your InLogis Design Specialist begins your free system design by mapping the terrain between the job site and the nearest cell tower for the desired carrier or carriers.

After having analyzed the results, custom professional cellular booster solutions are designed for the coverage area and the existing signal strength.

InLogis utilizes the most up-to-date amplifier and antenna technology available. Our systems work with signals from any carrier and we have technical solutions to overcome even the most challenging cellular coverage issues.

Below are some typical examples of recent systems we have designed for our partners.

InLogis Professional Cellular Solutions



For your commercial cell phone reception enhancement, contact InLogis at:

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